We’ve seen a thing or two, so we know a thing or two… about grassroots drifting that is. In an effort to give drivers more information as to what goes on in the judges tower, we’ve put together this document to outline the judging criteria, guidelines, regulations, and rules for our 2023 season. We did this in collaboration with some of our contacts in Formula Drift, using their judges rulebook to help create our own. This is meant to help guide our drivers and judges, but there will always be some discretion for scoring due to individual judges’ preferences. Make sure to talk to the judges during practice for feedback on adjustments to your driving to fit the criteria that they’re looking for. We don’t expect to change this document, however we reserve the right to update it if necessary. 

2024 MB Drift Comp Rulebook DOWNLOAD HERE  

2023 MB Drift Judging Rulebook v7 DOWNLOAD HERE

2023 Rulebook DOWNLOAD HERE

2022 MB Drift Judging Rulebook DOWNLOAD HERE