All of our events for 2024 are 2 day events! Competition weekends will have SATURDAY as OPEN DRIFT & COMPETITION day, and SUNDAY will be all fun runs/open drift, & ride alongs with drivers all day! That's right you can ride in a drift car if you dare. Despite the competition on Saturday we will be running 2 tracks at the same time so if you don’t wish to compete you can still be doing fun runs at the same time. Food trucks will be on site daily. The Matsuris are the big fun party vibe events without competitions outside of some simple fun stuff.

For spectators – both days will offer their own unique variety of entertainment! Fun Days typically have 3+ car DRIFT TANDEM TRAINS, and an exciting STYLE of driving. Competition days will have 2 car tandems with at COMPETITIVE driving format where 1 driver will be eliminated each time they each get a chance to have a lead run. (1 lead & 1 follow run each) No ride-alongs are allowed during the competition that normally runs about 3-4 hours. See if you can get a ride with the top driver of the day in the fun runs right after the comp.

Competition days will be ran similar to how we’ve always done it, open drift and practice in the morning, followed by single run qualifying, then the competition will start. After the competition, we will have fun runs until we shut down for each day. 

ROCKINGHAM SPEEDWAY 2152 N US Hwy 1, Rockingham, NC 28379
2023 – 6 EVENTS – Open Drift Days, Grassroots Drift Competitions, DRIFT MATSURIS

ALL EVENTS ARE 2 DAYS – Comp weekends SATURDAY will be the competition days with open drifting on a second course during the comp and then Night Drifting! SUNDAY will be "Fun Runs"/open drift all day with multiple different track layouts througout the day.


APRIL 27th-28th – OPEN DRIFT & ROUND 1 – BIG ROCK only
JUNE 1st-2nd – OPEN DRIFT& ROUND 2 – BIG ROCK only 
JULY 27th-28th – SUMMER MATSURI - BIG ROCK only, but more night drifting!

AUGUST 24th-25th – ROUND 3 & ROUND 4 – BIG ROCK only
OCTOBER 19th-20th – HALLOWEEN HAVOC!!! – LITTLE ROCK & BIG ROCK (biggest party of the year)